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  • Format 

    • Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles 

    • Spots limit per division

      • Singles | men's - 4 spots women's -4 spots​

      • Dubs | men's - 4 spots | women's - 4 spots

      • Mixed | 4 spots

    • $65 per Player - Why is this higher than most tournaments? We are looking to create whole new unique experience for our tennis community. In this tournament...

      • All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches in a round robin format 

      • All teams will know their exact start times for each match/day so you and your partner can plan accordingly and do not have to linger around waiting for a match or match results

      • Tournament apparel for all players


  • To our champs who are crowned Best of NM...

    • Winners of each division will be invited back, with free entry, to the next Best of NM tournament to defend their title

    • Have their tournament apparel printed with "Best of NM (Division & Level)" and their names put into our hall of fame

    • Free entry into a tennis camp of their choosing 

    • And of course, bragging rights amongst their friends 💪

    • Note: Players are permitted to play in only one division each tournament, but can you win them all over the tournaments to come?

  • Match Play 

    • All matches will be organized by PRO Sports and will be scheduled to play out of the Canyon Club tennis & pickleball facility 

    • All members of a team must be rated at the same level. However, you can have one player on a team play up one level if needed/wanted

      • ex) 3.5 Team can have one 3.0 but not one 4.0​

      • *If you are wishing to enter this tournament but have a lower rating, please indicate that in the form below. We will put you on a waiting list and plug you in if there are still spots still remaining

    • Best 2 out of 3 sets with an 11 point tiebreaker for the 3rd set

  • Scheduling & Brackets ​​

    • Draws will be posted on our website the Tuesday before the tournament

    • Estimated Playing Window | 8am-7pm Saturday & Sunday

  • Registration & Fees ​

    • $65 per player

    • All players will need to register using the form below

    • Once your spot is confirmed, a link will be given so that each player can register and pay online

    • Teams with unpaid balances will risk being dropped from the tournament 

    • Refunds are only accepted, or given, if prior to the cancellation date (10 days before the 1st day of the tournament), if you and/or your teammate are unable to attend due to health related issues or unforeseen emergencies

If you have any questions or request please contact us - || (505) 709-4445 ext.1


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