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  • Format 

    • Doubles/mixed doubles teams with any gender combo

    • Teams will consist of 2 doubles teams (4 players total per team) of the same level and compete against other teams in a round robin format ​​

    • Each team will be guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches  ​

    • Gold and silver medalist in each division will receive a custom long-sleeved shirt with a medal printed on it 

  • Match Play 

    • Each team will play the other teams same in a best 2 of 3 to 11 ​win by two

    • The team that wins the most combined games in each match will be the victor
    • ​Example of match....

      • Team A vs Team B​

      • Team A dubs team #1 vs Team B dubs team #1 - Team A wins 11-5 / 7-11 / 11-9 = 2 games for Team A and 1 for Team B

      • Team A dubs team #2 vs Team B dubs team #2 - Team B wins  11-8 / 11-7 = 2 games for Team B and 0 Games for Team A

      • Team B wins the round 3 games to 2

    • In the event of a tie in games won, then it will go to points won. If points are a tied as well, then I would by a lottery ticket, but there will be a sudden death game to 7 with rally scoring between one doubles team 

    • If there are more than 6+ teams in any division, the top teams from each pool will play in the finals

  • Scheduling & Brackets ​​

    • Tournament Dates - July 16th & 17th  

    • Draws and start times will be posted on our website by July 12th

      • Saturday - 3.0 and 4.0 ​

      • Sunday - 3.5 and 4.5+

  • Registration & Fees ​

    • $160 per team / $40 per player

    • Only one player will need to register a team using the form below. If you are an individual player looking for a team, you may indicate that below and we will look for a team

    • Once your team is confirmed, a link will be given to you so that each player can register and pay online

    • Teams with unpaid balances will risk being dropped from the tournament 

    • Refunds are only accepted or given, if prior to the cancellation date (7 days before the 1st day of the tournament), or if you and/or your teammate are unable to attend due to health related issues or unforeseen emergencies​


If you have any questions or request please contact us - || (505) 709-4445 ext.1


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