• 2020 Ladder League will be postponed until 2021 due to current state guidelines as it pertains to competitive play and the use of public courts


  • Team & Showdown leagues are great for groups of players looking to compete and play with their friends. These leagues have a set schedule and courts to play out of

  • League rules can change slightly each season but here is the gist for team leagues...

    • Captains will help fill their teams, set line ups, and report scores

    • You and your teammate(s) will play minimum of once a week and at the end of each season there will be a winner crowned 

    • So that's the gist of team & showdown leagues, take a look below for more info & sign up


2020 ||  Showdown League - Pickleball

Due to Current Guidelines - Leagues on Hold Until 2021


Nov 7th - Nov 29th

  • $60 per team 

  • Scheduled Play out of The Canyon Club


Opens | 

Deadline | 


  • Showdown Pickleball Format

    • Nov 7th-8th | 21st-22nd | 28th-29th
    • Start times vary from 9-11am or 11:30-1:30pm (you will know your entire schedule for the season before it starts)
    • "Showdowns" consist of doubles teams competing against one another in a, level based, round robin bracket over a period of 3 weekends for up to 3 hours per showdown
    • Matches are best two of of 3 games to 11
    • Winners from each bracket will be crowned and receive a prize!
    • See link below for more info, registration, and an example of a season. Hope to see you out there 🤙
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