SHOWDOWN FORMAT   || ​ Registration Closes November 16th


  • Scheduling & Brackets 

    • Divisions will be based off skill level and will be limited to 4-6 teams per division

    • Teams will be scheduled to play two matches on Saturday the 21st and two matches on Sunday the 22nd out of the Canyon Club 

    • Teams consist of 2 men & 2 women for a total of 4 players per team

    • Members of a team must be rated at the same level. However, you can have one or more players on a team play up one level if needed/wanted

      • ex) 3.5 Team can have 3.0s but not 4.0​s

      • If you are unsure of your playing level, or of what division to play, just let us know and we'd be happy to help!

  • Match Play

    • A match will consist of 2 rounds of play, each round is best 2 out of 3 games to 11, win by two points​

      • Round One - Guys & Girls Doubles

      • Round Two - Mixed Doubles 1 & Mixed Doubles 2​

    • Every match won will count as 1 point towards your teams record

    • If a match is tied, then an 11 point "Showdown" match will be played by a mixed doubles team to declare a clear cut winner

    • Winners of each division will receive a prize!

  • Registration & Fees 

    • $140 per team ($35 per player)

    • One player, or captain, can register a team using the form below

    • Once your team is confirmed, a link will be given to the captains so that each player on their team can register and pay online

    • All players must be registered by Nov 18th

  • Cancellation Policy

    • Refunds are only accepted, or given, if prior to the cancellation date (November 16th), if you and/or your teammate are unable to attend due to health related issues or unforeseen emergencies, and/or the tournament needs to cancel for any unforeseen reason(s). 

  • Extra COVID Precautions

    • We are going to limit the amount of registrants in order to make sure we can safely run the tournament while maintaining safe social distancing practices

    • BYOB​

      • Due to COVID regulations and guidelines, no food or beverages will be provided by the tournament this time around

      • There is a vending machine on site for beverages

      • There are also a few grocery stores located just a few mins from the tournament site 

If you have any questions or request please contact us - || (505) 709-4445 ext.1


  • Example with 4 teams​ playing in the 3.0 Division 

    • Saturday Matches​

      • 10:00am: Team 1 vs Team 2​ | Team 3 vs Team 4

        • Ex) Team 1 (Bob, Bill, Jill, and Susie)  vs Team 2 (Rob, Greg, Kammie, Lisa)

          • Round 1

            • Guys Doubles: Bob & Bill vs Rob & Greg 

            • Girls Doubles: Jill & Susie vs Kammie & Lisa

          • Round 2

            • Mixed Doubles 1: Bob & Susie vs Rob & Kammie 

            • Mixed Doubles 2: Bill & Jill vs Greg & Lisa

      • 11:30am: Team 1 vs Team 3 | Team 2 vs Team 4

    • Saturday Matches

      • 10:00am: Team 2 vs Team 4​ | Team 1 vs Team 3

      • 11:30am: 1st Place Team vs 2nd Place Team | 3rd Place Team vs 4th Place Team


Contact: | (505) 709-4445

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