• Match Play 

    • All matches will be organized by PRO Sports and will be scheduled to play out of the Canyon Club tennis & pickleball facility 

    • All members of a team must be rated at the same level. However, you can have one player on a team play up one level if needed/wanted

      • ex) 3.5 Team can have one 3.0 but not one 4.0​

    • Best 2 out of 3 sets with an 11 point tiebreaker for the 3rd set

  • Scheduling & Brackets 

    • Brackets will be based off levels - 3.0-4.5 for men's and women's doubles only

    • Players are only permitted to play in one division 

    • Draws set to be posted as of Weds November 11th

  • Registration & Fees 

    • $65 per player

    • One player will need to register a team using the form below

    • Once your team is confirmed, a link will be given so that each player can register and pay online. (This will also be were you'll specify the desired shirt sizes)

    • All players must be registered prior to November 9th

    • Teams with unpaid balances as of November 9th will risk being dropped from the tournament

    • Winners of each division will be invited back, with free entry, to the next invitational tournament to defend their title. As well as have their tournament apparel printed with "NTRP Division Champions" ex) "4.0 Division Champions"

If you have any questions or request please contact us - || (505) 709-4445 ext.1


Contact: | (505) 709-4445

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